Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sit Down, This is Big

My daughter-in-law's father, William Donald Miller, was murdered 36 years ago when he came home on leave. (Marine's) Upon arriving home he found his wife and her lover together in his home with his children. I have blogged this in the past so this is a short up date... Witness's came forward after all these years.... They say there is proof William Donald Miller's wife lured him to an area where her lover in fact shot him dead. She then married that lover/murderer two months after her husbands death by murder and had another child with him. They are both in jail in N.C. The man arrested (her lover) was the Chief of Police in a city in N.C. where he has since been fired. No trial date has been set. Now here comes the sit down part. A new chief of Police has been hired....his name is Donald Miller! S H U T - U P! Someone other than of this world is tending to business don't -cha think?
P.S. A judge allowed the suspected murdered out on bail....
Maybe Judges have too much power? But I suspect not more power than the God watching over this mess of a puzzle who will definitely take it piece by piece apart so William Donald Miller's family can put their life puzzle back together.
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