Saturday, November 8, 2008


All these Holidays are running together on me this time around and I am not sure why. I live in Wisconsin and we have had several freezes by now but my peonies on the deck are still thriving....but they are PINK! I did take down the lighted Halloween Spider Web but left the pumpkins... Because of Pumpkin Pie on Thanksgiving, get it? I also left the beautiful colored leaf wreath on the outside door. But today when I visited the funny farm (old homestead) and the infamous grainery where I have stored all my memories of old life as well as holiday bins (see past blogposts)....I decided to bring home the Christmas decorations...and there were tons, well several bins anyway. After selling my home in 2003, I hadn't felt happy to use the old ornaments. Rather I bought a lighted tree, a few blue and silver balls and that was it for several years. I guess I have come to life again.... I have my old beautiful tree back! There are many crystal, Victorian, gold birds, frosted balls, and beautiful little pieces hanging a few feet from this chair... Christmas and pansies don't mix or do they? They both bring such happiness and joy....only problem is one is pink and that just doesn't mix with red and green and gold. Nor does it mix with the lighted pumpkin head outside the door. Well picture it! An 8 x 10 glossy of an Autumn wreath on the door, A Christmas Tree shining thru the windows, and pink pansies in the flower boxes....Holy Cow! Am I confused? No...just plan on enjoying the season as long as I can without looking silly ....hum I already do.. who cares ...I am enjoying Summer, Fall, and Christmas all at once..good for me!
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