Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Most recent photo and I love roses!
(This is also the day John F. Kennede was assassinated...that happened on my 16th birthday.)
So this is the day I was born.... who wants to celebrate? Me, I do..... I will be having dinner with the only son that lives in the area. The others will call with love and good wishes. So happy happy day......glad you were born D! You have raised five children by yourself, loved three foster children, loved many children for fifteen years of in home day care, been a successful insurance agent in Texas and Oklahoma.....loved and been loved. But....never got to New York City to walk under the lights and look up in awe wishing I had just once lived there up high in one of those buildings with 200 floors......Never did want to fly across the ocean.... but still want two brother siblings to Foster and or adopt...... Still want a bit more life security..... And to live long enough to see and hug my son who lives in a small box in Prison and to leave him something to help him survive "out here." I never got to design that window at Macy's which probably was over my head anyway...wishful dreaming is sometimes fun.....And I must live long enough to see if my middle two sons, Chris and Cody, have children. I could never miss that and live on in peace here or beyond. And.... finish my book/books before I leave this earthy earth for the more peaceful life, one hopes anyway. And one more thing......a mini lift and new car would be marvelous. Happy B Day D!
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