Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Lindsay Joy

Happy 20th Lins! Glad you were born. I couldn't find any pictures without the B-boy in them so here you two are once again after five years together. (I know he is happy you were born too.) I am very proud of the many hurdles you have had to overcome in your short life. And I am more than sure you will overcome any and all that come your way in the future because our family just does that, overcomes if were "hatched" from very strong people. Like the Eagles. They soar above the river of life and only dive for their catch when they know that they know their ready and they always get their fish! You will find your way through the river fish of life also. Through the good and the bad you will persevere. Your Father was a strong man who went after what he wanted and usually got it. Me, I made some regrets, and through them discovered my own strength.....You come from good strong NIKE people. "Just Do It people!" And you will. All my children have been late bloomers... but what beautiful flowers they have all turned out to be.
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