Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The 10-10-10 rule

This I heard on the 107.3FM radio station with John Tesh as the announcer. He gives little tid bits of more than Grand info to all us listeners. He always was the all American boy next door apple pie guy...but now it might be Barack Obama for sure. Anyway...John Tesh says....whenever making any sort of decision it is best to use the 10-10-10 rule. I was ready for the rule when then the station took a commercial break and luckily I was still around after it. John says when making any decision think about what the consequences will be in 10 minutes, in 10 months, and in 10 years. Then he gave this brilliant but average example. If your child calls you at work crying and carrying on because he/she needs you to be home for a special homework project they forgot to tell you about, or the need for a special dinner, or their boyfriend broke up with must think how you will feel and how it will affect your life in 10 minutes if you leave work. How your child will feel or how your decision will affect your life and theirs in 10 months if you leave work and do what they wish, and considering that your boss may disagree is a concern also. Then how this will affect you in 10 years? Could leaving work early to amend the emotions of a child cause you any regrets? In 10 minutes will the child be over it? Probably not. Will the child forget all about this one evening in 10 months? Probably. And in ten years could you have lost that promotion and all that goes with it, and the child has absolutely no recollection of the issue. Such as a large raise in salary that could change your life and allow that child that called with the tantrum a college education! Just an example of how making decisions on emotions can affect/ruin a life or two. Me, I am old enough to know that I wish I had known about the 10-10-10-Rule. I didn't and it did affect my life and my children's. Not that I ever left work early for a child throwing a tantrum....but I do have 10-10-10- regrets. As we all do I am sure and have made the best of it. The key is from now on I shall use the 10-10-10 rule for sure. A good rule indeed. Almost as good as the Golden, put the 10-10-10-Rule and the Golden Rule in a jar and shake them up and you have good decisions without a doubt. But do realize this. If the child needs you to be at a special athletic dinner or important live celebration in his or her honor and you chose work over them.....whole different bag of potatoes! Like John T says, 10-10-10 again and again.

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