Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where Did All the Steeples Go?

When is the last time you saw a beautiful peaceful "Steeple" standing out across the city or the countryside offering you great beauty and pleasure and peace while you were driving for pleasure or peace or business? Me either. The old highways are now Interstates and the old Steeples are now hidden on the countries back roads. Maybe its sort of like an analogy of the way our lives have taken some turns. Corporations and government seem to be in the forefront and the middle class and poor are hidden on the back roads. Not that we don't drive the Interstates, but we don't see the steeples from there, and we have been placed in the background until Nov. 4th that is. Oh this isn't funny or fun to talk about. So, changing the subject. I went shopping today. Stood in one of those three mirror dressing rooms and freaked. Why, because! Everyone freaks in those rooms unless they are in their 20's and perfect. Then I put my clothes back on and I was fine again. Bet that hasn't happened to anyone whether in a dressing room or any room for that matter! I discovered I was wearing size 12 and 14 jeans/slacks when I need 8 and 10's. That sort of renewed my day even though it was late in the day. Better late than never they say. And hungry again. Not really hungry, just a little so. Now I shall intercede by telling how I used to enjoy driving from one small town to another while searching for my insurance clients homes, and even on to the big cities seeing an occasional Steeple, which brought me back to the basic and good reality of Love one another. You know, back to the old re-memories...."Here's the Church, here's the Steeple, Open the doors and see all the Peoples!" And then Mom would wiggle all her fingers like they were a bunch of people. Funny, silly and wonderful. I wonder if the new generation shows their children the Open the doors and see the Steeple People. I hope so. I sure miss those Steeples. They were like reminders of what we all need in life. Peace and the hope of a higher power to help us through whether on an interstate or a back road, whether a Republican or a Democrat, whether a corporate Egor or a homeless person... The Steeples are missing from the "Interstates"/Life. Interstates connect people...but so do Steeples. Maybe funny will come back to me by tomorrow....
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