Friday, October 10, 2008

Was That Dog Food I Ate?

While I was grocery shopping the other day, which is more like preparing for outerspace travel considering the prices and choices verses the average pocketbook which led me to decide to buy a "can" of beef hash. God only knows why I did that because I don't eat canned hash. I eat organic foods and some Healthy Choice dinners and so on. But there it was this morning in the pan with the egg. Then the scent came rushing upwards (like at take off) into all my senses and those senses said, "Dog food!" I swear it smelled like the cheap cans of dog food I heat up for Gracie Allen on occasion. Even her organic dog food smells better than this beef hash smelled. I made a conscious decision to attempt to eat it thinking maybe it was purchased out of some hidden and wonderful memory from childhood or one of the better minutes of one of my better marriages. Not! It smelled and tasted like bad dogfood and I will never buy it or eat it again unless its all there is to go with the bread we'll get in the depression bread lines. Eeewww. Stop that talk!
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