Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tyler Died Last Night

Well I got off the chicken blogs and now I need to find the humor I offer to many others on a daily basis. It is in the black hole today along with Tyler's death by drugs. I found out this morning Tyler OD'd last evening by "sniffing/snorting" bad H. Our family is wholesome, upper middle class, clean cut whatever that means and believing there is more to this being born, living, and dying deal. I am totally duh on sniffing anything besides 409 which makes me sick as I use it to clean stubborn spots. But I understand addictions as I sniffed/snorted/sucked nicotine for a few decades or so. No longer an issue for me yet I do understand because there are instances I find myself looking for something and "By Golly" (bimbo Sara Palin talk) it be a cig stick, if you can believe it. Been six years out and still at times look for it. Back to Tyler, who is a relative by marriage, age 24 ish and maybe somewhat lost. But then many are. But they don't do H. He did H and his roommate found him white with blue lips. Dead. 911. They broke his ribs reviving him......he was gone 8-10 minutes....shouldn't he be brain dead? He was brain dead for doing H in the first place so maybe the revive was a brain-revive huh? They put him in ICU and watched his blood enzymes trying to return to normal which they had not when he decided to check out of the ICU and Hospital. Who does that? Tyler! A young spunky fellow who isn't ready to die. He needed a cigarette and the patch they put on him wasn't working well enough. Well, coming off H, I don't suppose a Nicotine patch does a whole lot ya think? To top it all off when Tyler died he didn't see "The Light!" He rather experienced pitch black, cold, alone. And he sobbed saying there is no God, there is nothing after this. Hello, let the brain rest and begin to think again.....The H may have something to do with the black, cold, and alone. Why would sooo many people give testimony of the light and some give testimony of the black if it didn't have some meaning. I would say Mr. Tyler needs to start making some changes. Giving....and forgiving. Mr. Tyler WILL see the light because many of us are praying for just that. He is a sweet young man who almost stayed dead in the dark vs getting a new chance to see the light forever. He will.
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