Friday, October 24, 2008

Today Was a Hoot

I had a "stand in" helper at work today because my associate was "missing in action" for a long week-end. So my daughter in law stood in, the daughter in law that looks like "what's her name," Meg Ryan! Could be her twin..And that is when the fun started. For me anyway. It was after I ate my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pretzels, one banana, and a piece of chocolate that I decided I needed more. So I went to the grocery deli for Friday shrimp. Eight Pieces with no sauce eatin' while driving to the bank. Then home...... I was hungry for a snack only! I got the peanut butter out and dipped my trusty pretzels in when the dog came running. That meant she wanted her all natural doggie bones dipped in P.B. so I dipped her some bones and me some pretzels. That is when the unimaginable happened. I inadvertently put the doggie bone dipped in P.B. in my mouth. Then I spit it out of my mouth onto the floor and the doggie ate it. I wonder if the all natural bone snack isn't better for me then the flour filled pretzel? I'm over it, after all it wasn't a dead critter. Then Cody, my third son called me from "The Hills," Beverly that is! He is one of the lighting men setting up for a taping of "Dancing With the Stars," at a mansion in "The Hills". He told me there are glass floors and a bowling alley and I forgot the rest because I was so busy with drama saying S H U T- U P! How totally cool are you while I eat dog bones dipped in P.B. That was after I pulled into the bank drive thru that said CLOSED. The nice boy tried to sweetly tell me so I could back out gracefully. If I ever have any issues with dings in my car it is from "backing out." So here I was with three inches on either side, being watched by two very young people sitting behind their windows grinning. It was Friday afternoon, where were all the people with their money to deposit? None in sight, only me in all three lanes making bad jokes, well maybe good jokes because they were laughing....I pointed to the last ding outside my car, no ding, a huge scrape on my drivers side and told them that is what happened the last time I tried this. I wanted to get out of that car and walk away. My choices were none, So I backed up, got too close on one side, went forward to straighten out, backed up and got too close again, went forward, then one more time of that all in a matter of ten feet. All the time being watched. Now this was not my idea of being in the limelight of life. It was more like "look at that middle aged woman that cannot back up ten feet without driving forward two feet and starting over. Moron. Shhh don't let her hear us"....I know that is what they were saying. But I have a great sense of humor so I survived to drive away a forward manner. I will never go to that bank again. But at least I didn't go to McDonald's to make a deposit like one of my friends did. I just couldn't back out of a narrow drive through very well. And I remembered why I was there. So there. Anyway my boy is a lighting man for the stars. photo is Cody Ogden, Hollywood Lighting Man
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