Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thirty Years, Back at Me

OK so that is me Freezing my ars off with one of my G-daughter-twins. We are watching her sister play the "soccer" game ..... and may I add again, while Freezing. Notice the earmuffs and blankee's. Besides I am sitting on one of those football game mini plastic seats so my ars is not in direct contact with the METAL bleachers. What the H ever happened to good old wood bleachers? Natural Wood hello! I Suppose these metal job bleachers are outsourced like everything else has been. Even our underwear is made in some foreign country. OK so back to my point of post.
Thirty years back that handsome Hollywood lighting man on my last blog post was the outfielder at age 7ish. Yup, his Dad and I sitting in the stands, watching him do all sorts of physical movements out there while the other children played baseball, or softball or whatever it was called when they hit the ball with the bat and ran around three bases. My little boy would dance and play all by himself out there in left field UNLESS that ball came near him. You see we are a smarter family....we don't mess around until its necessary! My G-daughter out there on that soccer field "skips" through most of the game. Skips, no shiet, skips, not runs, skips. That is UNLESS that ball comes near her! Then she rally's to the play. Please note that her Father, My son, sitting a front of me at these games, is losing it! He wants so much for her to be a constant player. He is in sales so you can understand I am sure... Go Go Go....Sell Sell Sell ..and so on. Not that he isn't understanding because he is a wonderful Father. Back to my point. Cells have memories people. Even after thirty years the evidence "skips" out at us once again. Just go with the flipping flow. I mean look at the boy that danced while the others played ball. He is in Hollywood Hello! He is a wonderful person......and so is the little she~ She and He share something special. Hope the pressure isn't too great from the bleachers to be more. Love Forever, Nana
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