Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rooster's Gillitine

You all wont even believe this one. And after this all will know why we call it the "Funny Farm." Grandma has that active disease called ADD where she talks all the time and doesn't realize it. Grandpa has swollen stiff hands from pseudo gout. And they decide they have to "kill" the remaining Roosters because they have turned mean. Testosterone does that to Roosters and some men. I am old enough to know and still have memory recall. Back to "Funny Farm." And be sure to picture this 8 x 10 black and white or color glossy if you would like, eeeewwww, here we have Grandma chattering and telling Grandpa how to hold the AX and when to chop the Roosters head off at what exact moment and then how he did it wrong before he ever did it. Oh God! Here comes those cell memories of childhood when Dad cut the head s off the chickens and gave me the feet to pull the tendons and have fun with those dead moving feet, not to mention the chicken was still running around with no head. NOT! Psych 101 says to replay those old memories and give them a good ending. I had completed that phase of my life, allowing the chickens and roosters to graze forever in the green meadows of life... and now look. Blood and guts and not to mention Grandpa's swollen hands about to chop off Grandma's hands while holding the rooster hands... Oh God! I suppose euthanizing the Roosters would ruin the meat huh? Yup, I asked and I asked too late anyway.. Grandpa came through, chopped the heads off, Grandma still has her hands and gave him 24/7 instructions the entire time and I heard they had rooster for dinner this evening. We all had laughs for dinner over the entire cruel Rooster induction into heaven and its pearly gates. I only hope those poor Roosters finished what they were born to accomplish. Sex with chickens at the "Funny Farm." Maybe all men should go out that way after accomplishing their sexual reasons for living. LOL Sorry I just had to. Another cell memory I never completed transformation of.
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