Friday, October 17, 2008

New Glasses x Three

OK so this is Diane doing tired last night. I got new glasses yesterday and they aren't tiny skinny lime green gross, or Sarah Palin fakes. They are totally for me, MaMa! They are fat, gold, and cool enough to hold three different types of seeing. They call that tri-focals. Who would a thunk! But then I never thunk my body would head south like it has either so we are all working together me, my eyes and the body. What choice do we have, there "aint" nothin going on at the cemetery, not even anything bad. So live on people. Buy skinny green, or fat gold. I figure these financial times call for fat gold. Just my call is all. Anyway big is back. In glasses that is. You 'll all see, just sit tight and know I am ahead of the game. Today I decided to get ready to go do some errands and look pretty at it. So I got the new tights out, the old but new gaucho pants, (tags still on from last years purchase), $7 on the closeout rack, but nice looking good brand. I was soooo proud. I pulled those gaucho's up and on only to realize I never needed to unzip them to get 'em on! Size 10 slipped right past the hips and barely sat on the mid section baby! I know I am actin smart. You would too if you down sized past 10.
S H U T - U P and don't lie to even yourself. You are jealous and you know it. My job is a tad like "dancing with the stars" but don't think it is all roses...just look at this pic of me and its not yet 9:00 p.m. That stands for Past Mama's bedtime today.. There was a day I hadn't left the house yet for the "night life" at 9:00 p.m....and look at me now. Big glasses, Assie headin south, in bed by 9:30 p.m. And going down hungry to maintain the less than size 10. And alone Jack! (usually much easier) So no comments allowed this time. Let me live! And never forget my license plate says ALSWELL!
No matter what. I actually like my new big lens's..... I have skinny ones in the drawerl
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