Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Buddy Bree

That is Bree. She was born 17 years ago last May and has been dear to me every day since. She is my Grand-Daughter. Bree never judges anyone, has a calm personality, (odd coming from this family of drama queens) she is responsible, caring, giving, loving, deeply sensitive and a young woman who laughs at my jokes. That's the most important and best deal that comes with knowing Bree. For me anyway. Throughout life we have shopped together, painted pictures together, had our hair done together, listened to one another and I can only hope to know other people like her in my life, although that's a tall order to fill. We plan on someday getting tatoo's together. LOL. Sometimes she makes me laugh so hard I cant hardly drive. Today she worked with me making some deliveries. It was Big Football Game Day in College Town Wisconsin so we had to fight "happy drivers," (not) and college kids drinking early in the day, (she taught me about the "Beer Pong," game, along with no available parking anywhere. But we always forge on....taking funny photos of each other, and the Autumn leaves changing, buying pizza and candy bars, and joking about our sometimes stupid life. Yet being thankful for everything we have, especially each other. Bree is not only a Grand-Daughter, but a Grand Person. We gotta get her those UGG's soon. Why? Because! She laughs at my jokes. Some people do "Stand up Routines," but I do "Sit Down Drivin Routines," and I have the best audience ever. My jokes are slim and none tonight due to the ruggers of travel today. Check back tomorrow for a possible sit down blogpost routine. No Chickens Allowed. (see past chicken posts)
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