Friday, October 31, 2008

My Bag Lunch

I make a bag lunch every day to take to work. Do you? I figure I save a minimum of $6.00 a day times 20 work days a month equal $120.00 times 12 equals...I don't know...a good amount is all. And anyway I love peanut butter and jelly with smart balance butter under the jam...blueberry that is. Also take pretzels and two weight watchers chocolate mints. Sometimes peaches in a cup....and ice tea with lemon and sucralose in a tall used washed ice tea jar with a peanut butter lid or the original ice tea lid. One lid being green and one red, so I alternate for hoopla. I must need a life! OK now you have the 8 x 10 glossy of me eating lunch almost every day. Except the other day. Oh, I also have two cups of mildly weak coffee every morning as I walk Grace the dog. That means I cant have the iced tea until afternoon. Due to over caffinating my brain and emotions. Same diff. Last week I cranked open the iced tea while I was driving and listening to talk radio. I drank a swallow. Drank another swallow....noticed an oddness to my tea and chalked it up to the talk radio affecting me in all areas. Reps and Dems at it hard. Another swallow, weirdness! I always put the lid back on the tea jar each time just in case it might tip out of the holder. I happened to be at a red lite so I was able to pay better I lifted the lid to place it on the iced tea I noticed soemthing....eewww....icky poo all over the inside of the lid. Old thick Hard Peanut Butter inside my iced tea lid. Crap. I had been drinking tainted old P.B. in my Iced Tea. Here we go again, spitting in a paper towel just like the blog before last when Gracie kissed me unexpectedly in my mouth. Gross...which is worse? Old P.B. on/in my tea, or Gracie's tongue on mine after her licking herself. Equally gross a mondo. i.e. the Fonz. Eeyy! Not arrr, I don't do pirate doo....
Back to my lunch. I now double check the lids I use on my tea jar for lunch every day. Today is Saturday so I don't have to be concerned or watch for anything other than where I am stepping and what in. In more ways than one. You get it.
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