Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chasing Ghosts

I could have posted several more pictures showing where I have posted " dead people" all around my house, but you get it from these two. I love my dead people. They don't talk back, gossip about me, they don't ever make me feel guilty, they also do not cost me a dime, they don't ask me to babysit, get them any groceries, help them work on their computer, (that's a joke), complain, get sick and need all sorts of help, or even bitch about anything in particular. Our Indian Ancestors among other ancestors told us we should honor our "dead people" because they take care of us. They even believed they took care of the land we live on. And what if they got reincarnated and they are one of our neighbors. Well I am prepared for sure for my reincarnated ancestor neighbor to see I have his or her picture well displayed. I am safe! No family ghosts gonna have anything on me. At the luncheon after my Granddaddy's funeral in the 80's, his wife's niece Sandy, who he disliked allot, was raising her wine glass as she said something "smart-mouth of which no one can remember because at that exact moment her wine glass broke with a brisk clang right in her hand! Seriously! You could have heard a pin drop. It was my Granddaddy and everybody new it. He just didn't like her and he always got the last word. Dead or Alive! He is the top center picture in uniform in the black barn window frame. Sorry about the messy black paint but I couldn't find the razor blades to fix my paint overages....... The other is a pic taken too far away, but you can see I have dead people displayed from floor to ceiling. And in my kitchen I have a 4 x 6 yellowish antique pic of my favorite G-ma and G-pa right next to the toaster. Eeewww do ya think that might be in bad taste? you know, like they are toast, gone. I also have them on a shelf right here next to my "puter desk." Hey they liked me so its a good rememory! Another one of my own words? Only if you don't know it. Once when I was going to marry and shouldn't have, that very picture flew off the wall over my bed. Yup truth! So I watch for that picture to fly off if I have any big decisions going on. Really. Maybe I just don't have the art prints I want yet. I wouldn't want my dead people to hear that, nor do I want my wine glass to burst, so sssshhhh!
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