Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Caught off Guard

OK sorry for the blurry photo, but I think you all get it! That is a, my dog, see the ears, and the raised leg and that is a tail hanging out the bottom.. Grace, my dog, has not had the tubal ligation, or hysterectomy which means she still comes "in heat." Why ever do they call it that! But she does it and she is a very clean little girl about it which means she takes care of herself (licks her v-j-j (Grey's Anatomy new word for "it") for a week solid every six months) which is what you are viewing in the blurry photo.....eeewww What's my point? I will tell you clearly. I came home from work, picked the little princess up to take her outside for to do her duty, at which time she was so excited to see me she turned to me and kissed my mouth inside and out!!! Oh my God I almost threw up. She has never done that before in all eleven months I have had her. I spit on the floor, I wiped my mouth on my shirt, stuck my tongue out and wiped it off with my coat..... Geez Louis-ie Gracie! What the H were you thinking? OK, back up, I know I need to think like a dog here. She uses her mouth to eat, drink, to clean herself, and to show love. But I am not a dog so I was not appreciative..... But I did tell her "So Sorry" for spitting out her kissy's. Yuk! Part II of this story: Yesterday I had my carpet shampooed and I was home for the big deal. And it was a big deal because there were some Grace training residue's here and there. Tom the carpet man (Green cleaning by the way) was still here when I had to leave for Insurance appointment. Grace dog noticed I was going to leave. Her eyes got really big and odd and scared...Tom looked at me and then Grace. I looked at Grace and then Tom and then back at Grace....and then Tom said, "You cant leave her, look at those eyes talking to you!" So I took her along, got into the car, called the insurance office to see if anyone was allergic and if it would be alright to bring my dog? I mean come on, who takes their dog to the State Farm Insurance offices for an appointment Hello? Bless that secretary's heart...she said, "Oh, I don't know what the office policy is regarding dogs coming here, but I will go see, please hold?" S H U T - U P! I am driving and on hold with a dog in my lap! So I did hold as I continued on my way. They loved her! She is such a sweetie girl that all who encounter her adore her. Especially P.S.Bell. (see past posts) Even while we are driving people show their interest in the passing cars. I didn't get my insurance at a less expensive rate, but I made a new friend. Her name is Katie Guenther, State Farm Agent. I was going to make sure I inquired as to whether she was a Democrat or Republican, but I liked her so much I decided I didn't want to know.. Anyway she laughed at my jokes and the last insurance man didn't...bye lose Am Fam Insurance last man.
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