Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Bulldog Massage

Today was somewhat I chilled. At one point I took Gracie Allen for a long walk . Gracie, from the Humane Society eleven months ago, has decided, finally, that I might just do. Up until recently she has sniffed and tried to search out her old people. These photos are not Gracie Allen! Gracie is a tiny long haired Chihuahua...No this is Brutus is a good guess ?? Dunno...just met him today on our walk. He about choked himself trying to get a sniffer of Gracie Allen. His snorting was something I am not sure I could live with although what a sweet doll baby big dog he was. I bent over to pet him to show Gracie he was alright...ya right, he is twenty four times bigger than she is at which point she looked at me like, "Are you for real?" And he looked at me like, "Outta my way Mama!" So I took the bull by the back and decided to give the big guy a massage. Down his back my fingers know let your fingers do the worked. That old boy just moaned and sat right on down! I asked his mastress (humm is there such a word?) if he had ever had a massage. She was in awe and said, "No." I continued to do his back and shoulder blades and neck. No I am not odd... That dog was massage toast...done...needed to lay down. Mastress commented on how she couldn't believe it.

Why not? They have a back bone and muscles and there are doggie chiropractors. Maybe I should go into doggie massage and then again maybe not. These are before and after pics of the big boy..... Cool huh and all from a stressful day. I just gave out what I needed. Besides that sloppy thanks on any doggie kisses. Bet when I see Brutus next time he'll look at me and not Gracie...LOL

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