Saturday, September 20, 2008

"The Way We Were"

Did you ever wonder why you made certain mistakes or mis-judgments in your life? Well I have learned why and wish to share it with you. Friends and family of mine often wonder why I am so interested in my ancestors, or "the way we were" folks. Because however we WERE, WE ARE, and that may be good or/and usually outdoing the other toward the negative end at least from my experience. Let's just play a scenario out here...let's say my Great Grandmother was mean, but hard working....and she married a man that drinks. Then on the other side of the family the drink was also an issue and add to that, they allowed other people to take/and raise their children. I call it child swapping actually. So 80 years later, my Great Grandmothers daughter marries a man that is mean. And my other Grandmother/Granddaughter/Grandson marries a man/woman of the drink. Then their children mess up with "the drink" and they have to take care of their Grand-children. And then the Grandfather hits the children and those children marry people that abuse them, and drink. And so goes the carousel........... Round and round we go and were we stop nobody knows. But I do. Because I lived it. And may I add I learned from it. And may I add its never too late although I do wish to have learned sooner than later. So maybe you will if you read this. You see I figure cells have memory, (my son taught me that as he studied with the monks in China) and the cells memories move on-to us. Our ancestors have much to tell us if we listen and dig. No different than digging for archaeological items in the dirt. Really no different. You can go and pay cash to see if you have the gene to inherit cancer, or diabetes....and you can also check your spirit and research your background to see what other parts you have inherited and then fight like hell to get rid of the negatives your Ancestors "passed on" to you. There is no medicine for that! Whether its abuse, alcoholism, abandonment, malice, and so on.......They, your ancestors play a major role in forming your life and helping you to find your reason for existing. Life is not merely going to work and come home to watch TV,procreating, and is not to be borne for nothing. You have things to do, things to work on.....
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