Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Snoopy Times Three

Remember the Infamous Grainery a couple posts back? I happened to be rummaging around in it while dreaming of the new floors, walls, and warm fireplace after its remodel. Then I smelled something not so fresh, that brought me back to reality in a hurry and look what I found. Three Snoopy's. The oldest with only one ear and so little fur belonged to my eldest son named Daniel. He is 41, or is he 40? The middle one belonged to my next son named Chad who is 37. That snoopy has a bit more fur but not much....two ears though. Chad also had another favorite stuffed animal, in fact three...they were the Chipmunks. Simon, Theodore, and ALVIN! I handed those over to him for his daughters a few years ago. Back to Snoopy. The Snoop Dog on the left belonged to Cody who will be 30 this year. Aren't they cool, these Snoopy times three? But my boys are even cooler. Chris who is 26 didn't get a Snoopy, he had a White Bear named "Miff." I have somewhere in the "Infamous Grainery."
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