Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A New Way Of Dressing Chickens

I have twin Granddaughters. Need I say more? They were visiting their Great Grandmother MaMe and PaPa Joe on the farm when they disappeared for a short time. Upon finding the twins Great Grandma and Grandpa found more than they bargained for. The girls had dressed the Chickens! In the old days dressing chickens was a whole nother story... eeewww. This is much better and the chickens don't seem to mind either. In fact one of them went to school for show and tell last year. By the way the little blue dress on number two Miss Chicken belonged to Lindsay, my 19 year old daughter when she was little! And the blanket in the wagon, under said chickens was my son Cody's baby blanket and he will be 30 this year. I did make a phone call to the farm.....regarding Cody's baby blanket that is supposed to be packed away in the "Infamous Grainery," (a couple blogs back) for someday when/if he has a child. I am wondering how that got out and into the wagon under dressed chickens??? Interesting though. Hopefully the animal rights activists for chickens wont find this little blog. Yet its a much better life for these chickens then what I have heard about on those big chicken farms. Our chickens are farm fed, no antibiotics, free range and beautifully dressed!
Photo is the 19 year old daughter at age 19 and age 3 with the Chicken dress on!
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