Saturday, September 6, 2008

Michelle's Little Finger

It does not matter to me if you are Democrat or Republican. And it does not matter to me how you play "your" games to win. But it does matter to me who runs the country I was raised in and the country my ancestor's came to live in and stand by. Yet from all I have listened to, read, and watched...........Michelle has more class and intelligence and charisma in her little finger than what's her name from Alaska who wants to be seen as a Pit Bull and whose husband wants to be known as First Dude. Humm, The Pit Bull and First Dude.

I am so embarrassed at this lack of class and lack of honor and lack of honesty. No wonder we aren't number one anymore. Someone messed with the rules and when that

happens confusion sets in all around the board, in turn calling out every "good" wolf in sheep's clothing to make his/her own rules with no one paying enough attention to halt it or knowing how to. The wolf is big. Yet it is soooo simple. Do YOU want the Harvard Graduate who seems honest and trustworthy? And is half white which I never hear..........

Or the Old Man with his side-kick Pit Bull and her First Dude?
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