Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meg Ryan has a Twin

So which one is Meg Ryan huh? Does she really have a twin? I think so.
I was going to do this blog post yesterday but then the good news arrived regarding "The arrest of the people that conspired to murder Tamara's Father when she was a small child. (Previous Post)She grew up without the adoring love of a Father all her life. Beyond that, I just think it is amazing how much she and Meg Ryan look alike. Well, Tamara has a prettier nose is all....I shall go find some more pics for viewing and analyzing. Fun isn't it? Nothing else to say right now. Just wanted the public to see the remarkable resemblance. I look like a famous movie star too. Oh sure you want to know which one huh? Well I am not telling today, anyway. LOL By the way, she is married to my son Chad. They are truly pretty people, Meg, Tamara, and Chad......ya think? Me too.

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