Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Added to My Life Today

After working my own business today I stopped for a cup of coffee, House Blend to go....then popped into the grocery store for a banana due to some tummy upsets going on.....and to make a bank deposit. On my way out of the store, and mind you I am looking like frump city from the long day. And mind you Frump City Folks go all the way to the bank too! Back to it....I notice the large section of flowers on my way out of the store. They seemed to "un-frump" me, so I went to my car and got my camera that I never leave home without, walked all the way back into the store, possibly shuffling my feet which I detest anyone doing. My little Cybershot digital is my baby and does wonderful things for me such as what you are viewing.... The local market flowers! Aren't they just something to take in. I wanted to buy them all and give them all away to make other people feel as happy as they were making me feel. And some people don't believe there is a higher power. Come on! Look at these miracle colors and shapes and brilliance. Just like us, each one different and brilliant. I bet the flowers know better then we do their brilliance. What are we waiting for...we only Bloom for a short time also. We need to realize our short existence and bloom in beauty and brilliance like the flower shows us to do. What a grand example, surely from God!
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