Saturday, September 27, 2008

Frick and Frack and Frieda

That is "Frick and Frack," formerly known as Camryn and Karsyn, the twins. Their parents, my son and his wife Tamara, renamed them due to their ability to be comically weird and insanely silly. In other words they are full of the stinker bug.
Before they could even walk they used to jump and wiggle their baby beds until the beds "walked" across the bare floor to meet one another in the middle. Truth! Jar the beds across the room. They jump, climb, run, and rarely sit still along with collecting bugs in a genuine bug container. They love salamanders and lizards and anything that crawls. Frick and Frack! And trying to catch a photo of them is tough, Frack makes faces in every single one.... Her little way of control I suspect. Of course I am no psychologist, but I am sure one would be advising all of us not to call these precious little humans Frick and Frack. But I love it.... too funny and you have to know 'em to believe it. And this is their new bed just put up this week. They cant move them or jump on them! They have those new fancy foam mattress's. But they can reach the ceiling fan, oh Lord.
Frieda, alias Kennede, had to go play so the photos of her new princess bed were taken without her presence. Isn't that a gorgeous bed! And they all got new California closets of which they seem more proud of then the beds. They are very lucky little girls. Frick and Frack and Frieda, alias, my kin. I never planned on a family blog, but it is leaning that way I take and turn it a bit to other things. We'll see. If you knew my family? There is more......

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