Sunday, September 21, 2008

Did China Take Over?

OK your right I did not take this photo while on my walk this morning. But only because I forgot to take my camera along. This photo looks very much like the field out back on my apt. building so I chose to use it so as to set the mood better for my little bitty story.
I awoke around 7:15 as usual. I need no alarm clock no matter what time I am supposed to awake, I merely tell my brain before bed what time to wake and it complies. Maybe I should be trying to tell my brain other things at night and maybe it will comply to those also. Hummm. Big thought. Back to Misty Morning. I get dressed right away to take Gracie Allen out to poddie. All the time knowing we have to walk a half mile first because she "thinks" that if she poddie's too quickly we might just have to go back inside. Smart cookie huh? We have the ritual of walking out the side door and around the back where there are two huge fields on either side of the road then on up the hill to another neighborhood. There is actually a farm less than a 1/2 mile from here. Now remember I do this every morning with my dog but this morning was different.....maybe the Moon or Universe was in some certain order I wasn't aware of, but I was suddenly aware of something different. Here I am in a bustling neighborhood, 1000 feet from a main road, Rows of Condo's on the other side of the street, four huge apartment buildings on this side full of dogs that must have to "pee and poo," plus regular neighborhoods surrounding us..... Not a sound!! Not one sound but a few birds!! Spooky, oh yes. And peaceful, indeed. But you know me, I go back to the spooky and start thinking something may have happened while I slept and I missed it. Like the Chinese finally came and took everyone because we owe them so much money. LOL not funny. There were two American flags gently blowing in the slight breeze that appeared grey through all the misty fog. I tried to hear a human being. I thought, no child crying or laughing, no husband wife fighting or even making love, no dogs barking, then one SUV passed me going quite fast which spurred on more spooky thoughts to surface. Where is everyone. Is my childhood nightmare finally coming true where I come home from school and everyone on the planet is gone. I can have anything and everything I want, but I was all alone and I didn't want anything but all the people to come back.
Back to reality of morning walk. Mind you it is 7:30 a.m. in a large city and not a sound. And windows are open. I know because I checked. What was this Misty Dream that was happening to me and my dog? Then suddenly sound returned, the cars, the dogs, an airplane, a jogger, and I knew China hadn't come after all. Maybe the fog was all my ancestors visiting me in rebuttal or maybe agreement of my last blog post. Oh dear....Hey guys you left me some good "stuff" too so get over it. No more tricks on Misty Morning Walks....OK??
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