Thursday, September 25, 2008

Arthur Murray

This is my Aunt Betty Morrison, now deceased. The night she was born, ???? approximately 1925, the doctor informed her Mother to hold her and love her because she would not survive the night. She was only 2 lbs. Her Mother's response to the doctor was, "Oh yes she will live!" Then she put her in a shoe box and put her in a warm oven, and she lived. One of four sisters and a brother. I will tell you there were eight lost brothers and sisters Grandma told me herself, but that one lived to teach ball room dancing for Arthur Murray Studios in Madison, Wisconsin.
I never heard allot of good things about my Aunt Betty because my Mother never said any good things about her. I did hear she liked to write. She had three children, None of whom seemed to help her much in life... I do wish I knew more about her. Not the mistakes she made, but the good things. I remember she had a big beehive hairdo and red lips later in life. She ended up in a nursing home with a mangled foot from being dropped off a gurney by hospital workers. No one would help her sue them even though she begged them to help her. By then she was rather voice-tress and a tad mean in her delivery which did not help her plight. She died one night alone. I do wish I knew more good things about her. We need to all remember to try to think on the good things of "our people" and anyone/everyone else before they die alone one night and some relative tries to write a blog post without knowing basically any good stuff. Red Lipstick and a beehive..... not enough for a lifetime is it?And interestingly I had a natural ability to ballroom dance without any lessons and never knew it may have been a special family gene.
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