Friday, September 12, 2008

Art in the Family

There are five children, two Father's included, and myself...and we can all draw and paint and wood burn....and design. I drew the picture on the left in the 1980's....and since have done many pencil portraits. My oldest son draws nature scene's, portraits, and some naughty Harley Girls. The next son down in age draws well but doesn't exercise his gift due to a time issue I think. (He has a wife, (previous post) three girls age 8, and twins 7.) My next son down in age can draw and paint beautifully....he used to watch that fast painter Bob on TV for years when he was growing up....add that to his basic talent and you have it! Then the next son down in age is also an excellent artist, who does great cartoon characters.... then the next only daughter down cannot draw a line, but can rearrange a room I thought was great to begin with......she makes it a masterpiece. She is a gifted interior-ist. My own made up word. My Mother could draw as I recall. Oh, I forgot the one father who was also an artist..... so the middle two sons got a double whammy of art genes.(do you think I forgot him on purpose or was that out of sight out of mind) I do wish there were more time to devote to these wonderful creative talents my family possesses. Everyone so busy, no time to smell the real roses. I shall post some of my sons works....just because I want to and its my blog.
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