Sunday, August 17, 2008

What am I Thinking?

My writing quarters
After a long weeks work and being rather exhausted. What do I do? I decided to repaint my apartment. Yes. I have asked the management several times for paint, never to get anywhere. I even asked for mere touch up paint considering it wasn't nicely painted when I moved in five years ago. Well on to more positive action. Not. I go to the local Menard's to attempt to match the paint and it didn't happen. Poor man mixed it too dark from a swatch I had from my apartments office girl. Also on my list were "Poddie Pads," no not for me, not yet. But for my little dog Grace whose feet were frost bitten so winter poddie runs mean screaming. You get it! By the way they were out of Poddie Pads! That was after walking around talking on my cell phone for an hour, yes, in Menard's talking to an old friend. So now my cell is dead along with my best Grandma and I have no paint or Poddie Pads and the day is 2/3 gone. I REALLY didn't want to go to China (Wal Mart) for my paint and Poddie Pads. But it was just around the corner so I did. The nicest African American man mixed my paint to perfection! Told me what days he worked in case I needed more properly prepared paint. Then a man from what sounded like Russia came up to him for help in coffee makers. He was very courteous to the old gentleman. Then a young chubby lazy female W.Mart employee walks up to flirt with the African American while the Russian is waiting and I am observing. I just laughed while the Afro American asked the girl why a Russian man would have to walk all the way to Paint to get help in Small Appliances? Like, Hello, chubby lazy, where were you? Her comment was slow and non impressive, believe me. That is when I realized I was not in China, but rather America. I took my paint and exited the building. Not before purchasing Chinese Poddie Pads and stopping at the optical area only to find a pair of Chinese Eye wear (which I need for work) for under $200 and that is with tri-focals lens. Oh don't go there cause that is another whole post...

Back to my point! I painted while my three Grand daughters ate, played dollhouse, and made me watch Disney for hours. I don't mind except for that show, The Adventures of Zack and Cody! Two twin boys that act like girls.

So here it is morning and I am stiff all over from painting. And maybe from eating greasy pizza my son brought when he picked up the girls at 9:30 p.m. I cant remember the last time I ate at that time of night, not to mention anything greasy. It was exceptionally good and I slept like a baby. Maybe my body needed some good ole greasy pizza for a change.

So here I am....writing a blog post, I think so I don't have to paint. How long can I live with my area all messed up, half moss green and half creamy white. The creamy white is trying hard to cover the moss green. Meantime the two cats and dog are outside on the porch making all the birds crazy as they have babies all about the building so they are diving at my little pets.

I think I will eat now. That will buy me a bit more time before I have to run the rollers across the walls once again... I can do it. I am sure that was someones famous last words. Just wont be mine. Now all I need is new carpet.
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