Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Feet

OK so these are my feet! Actually they are my feet at age 38 (top picture,)) and my feet at age 60 (Bottom picture in case you couldn't tell, do you think they look fat, LOL) with the cool pink polish. What's my point? No clue..... Just thinking it is funny to get out of "the box," and post something other than shabby chic, recipes, children, politics, weddings, births, deaths, quilts, plants, animals, relatives, John Tesh, and most of all Brad Pit and Angelina, not that I am not into their life and their babies, because I am. I have a son as/more handsome and talented than on his video a-top this blog thank you! Back to my feet. I could have made money with these feet.....Come on, they are gorgeous feet for God sake. Maybe I missed my call? "MR DE MILLE, I AM READY FOR MY FEET-SHOTS." I did miss it didnt I? Along with a couple other shots I am sure. Damn I hate regrets. But come on, I was on my way (in the 70's) to Buck Owen's TV Show HE HAW......when I was told I had to sleep with him to "get on" the show. Couldn't do it, nope, no way, backed out, uh uh..... Why? I don't know, I didnt have scrupples back then for God's sake. Well not for God's sake I guess. Regardless, I did not do it.
So here I am now, starting my second business called A Green Experience. Regrets.....sure. But I have beautiful children I wouldn't give up for Buck Owens or fame for anything.... well, maybe, no just "kid-ding." Every pun intended. Back then that is the way is was.... it was a whole different working order. Like the Marilyn Monroe order eeeewww. Scarey! I am just fine thank you....I did the Marilyn thing and I didn't like it. It's called the Marilyn Monroe Syndrome. Family values are more important! But then the family grew up and I don't look like Marilyn anymore, except my feet! It's true. I still have it, it has just fallen to the bottom of it all! Mudslide Marilyn..................... LOL
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