Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Green Experience

This is Lindsay, my daughter who works with me on our new business called "A Green Experience." We clean homes and business's with all natural, no chemical, cleaners. We use lavender and vinegar, eeewww, sounds gross... It's not because after the vinegar kills all the bacteria, then the odor disappears. And the new fresh calming lavender takes over. Our clients love it. Even their children notice.
Lindsay is a perfectionist so their is never a concern she misses anything, in fact she "tries" to double check Mom! That doesn't always go over real well but is appreciated.
Sandy Kallio of the The Wisconsin State Journal did an very nice article on our new business.... It boosted our clientele greatly. We have met some wonderful families and pets.
You wouldn't believe what we run into sometimes. Like brown tubs that need a snadblaster, enough animal hair to make wigs, pounds of dust! And then again, we find homes where they clean before we get there. Isn't that sweet? I have a friend that used to tell me she had to clean before the cleaning lady came.... how funny. Yet I understand. I wouldn't want anyone to see certain things either. Yet most people don't seem to mind what we see. Notice we give no names and certainly never would discuss any ones dust with anyone else. We are like dirt doctors that honoring HIPPA laws.... we respect your dirt and we get rid of it without chemicals. We love instant gratification so this is the business for us....Within a couple hours or so a home goes from dusty and grunge to sparkling and smelling fresh as a bouquet of lavender. Clients come home to a smiling nurturing home. How wonderful! And for an average of $35 to $45 a week...... Less than a tank of gas!
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