Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chris's Guardian Angel

This small photo I found online. The little boy's name is Dylan and the article says this is a photo of a guardian Angel. I about fell over because I knew I had a photo of my son and I with the same "flare" in it. I also knew it was either a ghost or an Angel. And the look on my son's face told me it was definitely a positive force. He was usually an angry boy at that time and as you can see he has total peace and happiness on his face. Being an open minded person I tend to have photos "come to me" over my lifetime. Some are spirits, some are ghosts, but this one was/is different so I wanted to share it. We need to all realize there is more to this "life" than buying gas and driving to work and eating and watching TV or listening to IPOD's.
Personally I believe my son Chris is very blessed and has an amazing future ahead. If you go to his blog I linked to and read some of his work and see his photos you will agree. It is just a matter of time. And now I know that for sure after realizing/seeing he has a Guardian Angel that is making him/herself ap-"parent" to us and especially to Chris. He is being guided by a much higher and wiser PARENT..... Keep your eyes and spirit open for these faith filled little, but HUGE messages from our helpers beyond the TV and refrigerator.....

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