Sunday, July 13, 2008

Are Razorblades Green?

Of course razorblades are green! I know because a stranger called my phone to say they needed "A Green Experience" cleaning service, Madison, Wisconsin to come to their home and clean it for a special party they were having the next day..... So we went and we cleaned with Green cleaners....Bio-Green, Vinegar, Earth Friendly Floor Cleaners with Lavender, Earth Friendly Window Cleaner with lavender, baking soda, no scratch pads, all cotton terry rags, and the infamous hardwood floor mop with terry razor blades. Another lesson well learned for this owner of "A Green Experience."

You see some people don't call until the dust is knee deep or the flat top stove is crusted over. Why? I don't know but I do know now that razor blades are necessary and Green and I can use them to scrape the crust off the surface of a "used to be beautiful" black flat top stove. Well I didn't happen to have any. Nor had I considered the fact I might need any. So there I was with the crust, all alone..... I dug out the trusty yellow non scratch pad and the baking soda and spoke, no whispered to it, "come on baby we got to make this work!" I then took turns using the strength of each hand and then on to each finger pressing and pushing and looking around for anything sharp....nadda. The brown and greezzy thick crust started to move. Isn't baking soda wonderful, and you can even drink it to alleviate tummy gas which I was on the verge of considering the ordeal I found myself in, and I hadn't even gotten to the bathrooms. Or maybe it was my whispering to it that did it. Ya think? Not! I tried it, the whispering that is, the other day with a dragonfly and nothing happened there either. Back to my point...I asked the client, "Do you have any razorblades?" She ran off and came back with a USED Pink Bic underarm and leg and god only knows where else, hand razor and she tried to shave the greezy crust off the stove top. I am not kidding. I just stood there trying not to be Green. I thanked her and "whispered" that a one sided razor might work better, but good try. Oh My God! And I get paid for this. After a half hour of using all my strength it was for the most part back to a partially normal stove. People must not know that glass flat top stoves are not to be used like a campfire. I will tell you on top of my supply list is now Green one sided Razor Blades. Wait, don't go out shopping and asking for Green Razor blades because that is my personal name for those handy little gadgets I shall not be without ever again. Hey, they are chemical free and that means safe and green. I haven't even told you about my Green Lint Dog hair remover Brush... Next time.....
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