Saturday, June 7, 2008

One Cool Shrimp a Day

This is Lucy! I found her at the parents farm. She came running out of the field and rubbed herself around my legs over and over as to communicate. She was emaciated to say the least. I have seen farm cats much in my life as I was raised around them, but this one was different. She was calling to my spirit and I heard her. I said, "That cat is coming home with me!" I quickly went to the house and got a large piece of Grandma's leftover sirloin steak, possibly Grandpa's lunch. I found an old orange milk crate and a dirty piece of plywood to cover my makeshift kennel.... She let me pick her up and put her in the small quarters. I then put the plywood over the top and fastened my cargo with a bungy cord. I had also put the massive steak in the make-shift hospital kennel of which she devoured. We had a 40 minute drive ahead of us and she laid quietly the entire time. She would look at me and give me a sweet soft meow as to say thank you. I am serious. Most cats scream or howl during car rides. When I found Lucy her coloring was all pale buff. Just like when a person is ill they lose their color, so did she. As time passed and she became healthier so did her color as you see in the pictures. She has beautiful blue eyes. Lucy ate so much her first week with us, in fact so much that when she defecated my teenage daughter and her boyfriend couldn't stop laughing. I said, "What's so funny?" They said, "Lucy just did a human size thingy?" (you know) After that Lucy settled down to normal eating habits. Well not really. If she heard the eggs crack during my cooking process she would run to me and cry for the eggs. She would lap up one egg a day for months. Then she stopped that and cried for cold Shrimp. So for a year now Lucy gets one cold, almost frozen shrimp a day for breakfast. She wont leave me alone until she gets it! Sometimes before I even get my coffee she gets her "fresh from the ocean frozen" large Shrimp. By the way if it isn't a large one she walks thank you, but do get the ones I like please, which I do. I get 40+ large shrimp for $13.79. Its actually cheaper than wet cat food. She also gets dry food. She still yearns for the freedom of the fields but when I let her out on the porch she is a "fraidy cat" and runs back in. Lucy lives here, and somewhere in her mind she still lives out there. She has a clipped ear which says she was a Feral cat. Somehow I don't think so, I rather think someone got her spade as a Feral and put out in the wild all alone where she had trouble making it. By the way the other farm cats were mean to her and wouldn't let her eat. Bully cats...go figure. She is safe now, but not without a few hundred dollars of vet bills. When the 19 year old Christmas kitty died a few months ago, it affected Lucy more than I thought it would. She is finally settling down and forgetting the old man she used to try to play with. It was like a two year old trying to get a 100 year old to play ball! Lucy is a part of the family so whatever happens we take it as it comes. In fact she needs surgery for her teeth. Oh goodie...

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