Monday, June 9, 2008

Drama from the MaMa

There is a car in my apartment complex parking lot that's panic beeper has been going off since 4:00a.m. Or at least that is when it got my attention behind all closed windows. That means I have been up since 4:00 a.m.. That means that I am fighting anger since 4:15.
Hard to forgive a horn....dislike my day beginning with such dis.
It is still going off by the way and it is 6:22 a.m.. I tried the TV, which keeps me awake although masking the horn. I tried wrapping my own arms around my ears which didn't work for long. I tried the pillows which felt suffocating.... I called 911 just in case someone needed assistance and was beeping for help. That came from the drama part of my brain. I then went into thinking I might walk out and find the beeping car that was turning me into a maniac, yes maniac.....mania, you know? I am not bi-polar ordinarily but I was sensing a slight hint of it. Then I started having visions of finding a slain human inside the car and police arriving and so on with more drama. For instance that it was a total set up to get "Me" outside in the dark to do what? Well, I had thought about the what also... Forget the other hundred people that were awake having similar visions, NOT! That is after the dream that one of my clients fired me because I fell asleep at their home while I was supposed to be Green Cleaning!! The nice part was they packed me a lunch before they paid me to never return. It was a very nice lunch in very bad circumstances. I also envisioned, notice I said "IN"-visioned considering it is not my nature to do what I was thinking to that car with "the sledge hammer" I don't even own. Also the ticket for a hundred thousand they should get for stealing my peace and sleep I so need for the day ahead. Would I allow my car to HONK for hours and keep hundreds of people I basically live with behind hundreds of doors awake having delusions of drama? I would if I didn't know I was doing it? And would I personally want or need a thousands of dollar ticket either.....Would I accept the I'm sorry from the owner of the HORN BEEPING vehicle that I sledge hammered with a slain human being inside it? Nope, not until the next full nights sleep. I am not over this yet.
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