Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dragonfly Friends

A special dragonfly came calling

To my house the other day.

His message was loud and clear

“All is well,” he seemed to say.

He has come to me many times

With his message of good cheer,

“Angels are working in your behalf

So give no thought to fear.”

He remained so very long

Perched on the flower stem,

Stately balancing before my eyes

So I would take good note of him.

Comfort and faith he brings to me

In his announcement from the skies,

Making sure I notice him

Before into the air he flies.

This time he stayed so very long

Making sure I heard his tale

Of miracles that are in the works

And that my God will never fail.

I don’t personally ask for visits

But suddenly he comes to me,

Just another beautiful gift

For a mortal’s eyes to see.

I received his message clearly

As my heart swelled with praise,

Lifting my thoughts above the earth

With this faith gift in my gaze.

When I noticed he had left my view

Another creature appeared for me,

A bright red bird perched on the fence

Singing love songs melodically.

A blessed day I would call it

With two messages from above

Letting me see the heavens open

And sending personal edicts of love.
written by T. Wieland Allen all rights reserved
painting by
Karen Margulis
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