Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Posh Porches" on a budget

I say you don't have to have a large home with a wrap-around porch or a cascading circular deck to have a comfortable area to read, write, or watch the stars.
In fact my apartment porch is six feet by 13 feet. A previous "carpenter" tenant made the corner plant stand out of solid oak...leftovers from some of his jobs which made it very quaint. He nailed an old horseshoe to the top and I take that as a good luck symbol because why not?
I took some of my inside.....outside.....
I read that online or on HGTV or maybe some makeover TV Show. It is a great idea and saves cash flow for the gas tank these days. I did purchase the double rocker for half price and the two pillows at Target on sale. The cushion is a yellow rug so to deal with rain. I picked up a piece of Blue outdoor carpet at Home Depot on sale and have since put pink peony's in the front flower boxes. I know the style is clean sweep/less is more, but not for me...I like warm and inviting. If I want clean sweep I can go volunteer at the hospital.....
I am still in need of a three story thin white Victorian birdhouse I have a special hook for. I do have the white antique bird cage not visible in the photo.

This is my shabby chic "Georgia Peach" porch from last year. Check out that cool chandelier! I draped pearls from the Christmas ornament box and some crystals from a broken candle holder around its base. I took an old over the commode shelf stand and painted it to match the rest....Peach! Found the table in my Dad's barn being used for a cat food I borrowed it and what do you think? Painted it Peach! I had the Rocking Chair so I just had to paint it Peach too! Notice on the far end is a white tree with white lights in a white pot with white organza hiding the base or branches and of course the orange gazing ball to keep the bad spirits away. Last year I used a grey indoor outdoor carpet. And last but most important are the old world antique looking lace curtains afront the outside window. Those were the "needed touch" that set the atmosphere and won me the contest. It's a yearly contest for the best most creative porches at our complex....prize is $75.00. Fantastic 'cause I spend $150.00 to win that $75.00! The gain is sooo worth the loss.
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